Commercial diving services

Our professional diving services: mainly underwater construction, platform inspection, repair and maintenance, pipeline inspection, repair and maintenance, extensive NDT campaigns

Air and Saturation Diving Services are the company’s core business

These works are carried out by our experienced and qualified team of divers and complemented by a wide range of specialized equipment and tools.
Our subsea activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Inspection, Repair &  Maintenance (IRM) of existing field infrastructures, including extensive NDT campaigns, interventions for pipeline repairs (including hot-tapping and spool tie-ins), wellhead intervention, appurtenances replacement such as boat fenders, chains & hoses change out at SPMs/FPSOs;
  • Installation activities (tie-ins, risers, hoses and installation services on platform, pipelines, SPMs and loading terminals);
  • Pipeline and dropped object protection;
  • Pre-commissioning activities: pigging and pressure test operations;
  • In-water Survey of Ships and Mobile Offshore Units;
  • Offshore decommissioning such as platform removal, subsea well abandonment, pipeline and umbilical deburial and recovery, subsea structure recovery, subsea protection mattress recovery
  • Complementary services in co-operation with experienced subcontractors:
    • Survey and Geophysical services
    • Navigation and positioning
    • ROV services

RANA works with a pool of over two hundred qualified, experienced and competent air/saturation divers, supervisors, life support personnel, dive technicians.


Diving requirements and Codes of Practice

RANA is approved as IMCA Contractor Member in the Diving Division since 13th February 2007 and as such, on the basis of self-regulation, adopts the safety/technical/good operational practice guidelines produced by IMCA, the international trade association representing offshore, marine and underwater engineering companies.

IMCA promotes good practice, particularly in the areas of health, safety and environmental standards, quality and efficiency and technical standards. RANA follows IMCA guidelines in the conduct of operations, in the selection and training of personnel and in maintaining diving systems, equipment and tools.

In addition to IMCA guidances, RANA Diving Operations Manual and technical procedures follow guidance in OGP Diving Recommended Practice (Report 411).

Local legislation and client’s requirements are also complied with, in the planning and preparation of every specific project.