Pier inspection for Enereco-SNAM

Aug 2018

Rana air divers are carrying out the piles NDT inspection of SNAM’s LNG terminal in the gulf of La Spezia (Italy) on behalf of Enereco SpA, in order to ascertain the pier condition. The job is expected to last one month...Read more

LTA with Eni Group for sat diving offshore Italy

Aug 2018

Eni DICS, Eni DIME, Enimed and Floaters (all companies of Eni group) have awarded the open contracts for saturation diving activities (IRM) in Italy to Rana Diving. Contract duration is three years plus 2 yearly extensions. The...Read more

Black Sea

Aug 2018

Rana have successfully completed ACFM inspection support (personnel and equipment) for Shark Divers / OMV Petrom baseline survey offshore Black Sea. Read more

Change of management

Jul 2018

Rana Diving renewed its Board of Directors. CEO Alessandro Buffa and CFO Luca Nannini are reconfirmed while Alessandro Bosco and Fabrizio Capucci are stepping down. Alessandro Buffa is also taking over from Alessandro Bosco as...Read more

RanaWorks became certified IRATA operator

Jul 2018

Rana is pleased to announce that RanaWorks has successfully become a certified operating member of the Industrial Rope Access Trade Organisation (IRATA). Last July IRATA audited the management system and working procedures of...Read more

Two buoys change-out at Es-Sider terminal in Libya

Aug 2017

Monobuoy Co. Ltd have  fixed  Rana air diving team on board  MSV Ievoli Ivory  for diving workscope associated with  Waha Oil (Libya) buoys replacement  at Es-Sider terminal. Mobilization will be end...Read more

ENI Safety Award 2017

Jun 2017

On June 6th 2017, Rana Diving  received the Eni Safety Award 2017 in the Construction Upstream. This award is a recognition of Rana  commitment in HSE aspects by following the highest standards in the diving industry.Read more