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RANA: underwater services to the Oil & Gas Industry

RANA underwater services to the Oil & Gas Industry

RANA's priority is to plan and supply the services that meet and exceed the requirements and expectations of the client and other interested parties, safely, at competitive costs and within the agreed times.

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Our personnel, our strength. Our personnel are highly qualified, experienced and competent: A large, young and pro-active graduate Engineering team is supported by a base of experienced senior engineers with extensive knowledge of the offshore O&G industry, assuring the client of a quality service and supplying innovative subsea solutions;

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RANA was established in 1964 in Marina di Ravenna (Italy) as a small professional diving company to provide geophysical and diving services to the growing offshore Oil & Gas industry in the Mediterranean Sea. In the early 1970s RANA was a pioneer in saturation diving and developed advanced techniques and procedures. Since then RANA has worked all over the globe, especially in the Far East, Middle East and West Africa.

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RANA provides an integrated range of underwater services to the Oil & Gas Industry, worldwide

RANA has  more than 50 years experience in commercial diving and subsea operations. Today we provide integrated services that include in-house subsea engineering, project management and diving operations (mainly construction and IRM - inspection, repair and maintenance services).

We own and operate air and saturation diving systems and modern diving equipment, that can be installed on vessels supplied by the client or chartered and managed by RANA.  We also charter and manage fully equipped DSVs to meet all project requirements.

In order to meet the challenges of offshore operations and our clients’ expectations, we can provide tailored solutions, which are developed by our in-house Engineering and Design Department, combining our basic activities with specialist services, such as Observation and Work Class ROV services, geophysical and environmental surveys, positioning and pre-commissioning services.