Diving assistance to CALM buoy installation, hoses, sealine, spoolpieces and PLEM connections at St Croix Terminal in the US Virgin Island 


Imodco Services S.A. (SBM Offshore)

Main Client

Limetree Bay Terminals, LCC

Rana Scope of Work

Air Diving:

  • Re-tensioning of buoy mooring lines top chains
  • Subsea hoses tie-ins to buoy
  • Floating hoses tie-ins to buoy

Saturation Diving:

  • Metrology and installation of 2off closing spoolpieces between pipeline and PLEM
  • Tie-ins of subsea hoses to PLEM and seabed
  • Tie-ins of hydro-electrical umbilical and flying leads to PLEM
  • Assistance to pre-commissioning
  • Sandbag installation


Project Data


St Croix Terminal - US Virgin Island 


28/06/2019 to 18/09/2019

Diving techniques

  • Surface-supplied air diving
  • Saturation diving


80 days


DSV SBM Installer

Diving Systems

  • In-built Saturation Diving System
  • Air Diving System
  • Portable Surface Supplied System



Diving team: 24

Main equipment

  • Lifting and installation aids
  • Hydraulic tools
  • Metrology
  • Hydraulic bolt tensioning system